FAQ Adhub

Frequent Asked Questions for sellers

1. What is AdHub?
Answer: Adhub is online marketplace for all types of out-of-home media. Both general advertising media and moving advertising media. All purchases and sales will be done through an application where buyers and sellers can contact and buy directly.

2. How to apply become seller at Adhub?
Answer: An application can be downloaded at IOS and Android.

3.How do I apply to become a media vendor with AdHub?
Answer: You can download the free adhub app with the following steps. Download the Adhub application. Register as a Seller Basic Plan (Free) Input all the information in the seller app Upload photos and media such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, billboards, etc. specifying the price and size that can be advertised For those who are inconvenient to apply via mobile phone Can also apply through the website www.adhub.co.th Application Documents that needed. Copy ID card of the car owner Or the owner of the place Copy of car registration used for registration or a copy of house registration A copy of the driver's license (In case the driver is the owner of the car) A copy of seller bank account number.

4. Is there any cost to apply become seller at Adhub?
Answer: the membership Basic Plan is start from free.

5. What will the seller get by selling media in the adhub?
Answer: AdHub allows media owners to generate a better income than selling media through our platform. Because the seller can set the selling price by himself and accept the purchase price directly with the buyer.

6. what is progress of payment to the seller?
Answer: when the Advertising is started at the seller Media (example Moving ads,) seller will get 70% of the order value. And the rest of the money (after deduct Adhub commission) will be paid at the end of the month of the contract. - In every payment confirmation photos must be sent to adhub & buyer - The payment will be transfer will to seller account within 7 working days from each transfer schedule. Through the registered account

7. Where can I contact if I have further questions or have trouble install the app or need assistance for input the products?
Answer: Adhub is available at phone in working hour everyday. Tel: 064-591-3355, 061-453-9354 099-142-5569 And can email to sales@adhub.co.th or cs@adhub.co.th